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Musèe Edison du Phonographe
Musèe du Phonographe et Musique Mèchanique
Alex's 78rpm Record & Antique Phonographs


The Kiddie Record King
Vintage Jazz and Dance Music on 78rpm Records
Vintage Recordings
Nauck's Vintage Records
Tim Gracyk's Home Page
Record Collecting Resources
The Blue Pages - a guide to 78rpm party records
Ty's Record Page
The 78rpm Record Home Page by Gary Herzenstiel
Chris Hamilton
Vinyl Revival-Turntable Performance Products
Records Records Records


The City of London Phonograph and Gramophone Society
Michigan Antique Phonograph Society
Canadian Antique Phonograph Society
Wolverine Antique Music Society
De Weergever Dutch Gramophone Club


Recording Technology History
The Phonograph Needle Tin Collector
Musica Mechanica
Edison National Historic Site
British Library National Sound Archive
Das Deutsche Musikarchiv
Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv


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